The Fastest Growing Industry in Canada

Infrastructure spending and building construction has been on the rise in Ontario and in the GTA in particular. The GTA leads North America in its residential highrise construction boom. An inevitable consequence is the need for strategic advice, and for construction dispute and claims management.

Construction is the fastest growing industry in Canada and the number of market participants and companies in Canada have outpaced manufacturing in the past decade. The Building and Construction Industry has a promising future.

Our practice involves both strategic advice and dispute resolution advice, the latter of which is counter cyclical, as claims increase as the overall economic climate decreases. With the vast experience of our team and our nimble response, the industry is likely both to continue to use our services and increase that use as our lower overheads allow us to maintain profitability at competitive hourly rates.

Finally our proven track record of success in “bet the farm litigation” and effective and timely strategic legal advice means that clients trust us. Our mission is to maintain and keep clients because of that trust. We do not hesitate to recommend and refer clients to other counsel where a matter is not our core expertise and clients reward our loyalty to their best interests by returning that loyalty. On every referral we maintain some input and measure of oversight to ensure our clients receive the service they deserve.


  • Medium and large construction companies
  • Professional liability insurers
  • Surety companies
  • Construction and property insurers who face claims under their property or commercial general liability policies
  • Ontario municipalities and Ontario government Ministries
  • Construction lenders and mortgagees
  • Other lawyers for referrals on conflicts, or where construction law expertise is required

We are well suited to construction industry participants, supply and design firms, construction companies, speciality suppliers and their sureties, insurers and lenders who need advice to guide them through complex multi-issue problems, and for construction projects in trouble. Further, we assist in-house legal teams and support existing lawyer-client relationships with our construction and dispute resolution expertise. Whether you need us for a “one off” problem, or for ongoing assistance, we can tailor our services to meet you needs.