Our Services

We guide our clients with advice on their legal rights and obligations. However, exercising a “legal right” does not always yield the best business outcome. We help you make good business decisions. We advocate to the fullest extent necessary to defend or promote your reputation, and business interests.

Our services include the defence of other professionals including lawyers. In addition, we provide services to negotiate and draft construction contracts to avoid claims in the first place.

Some of these services include early claims assessment, continued claim investigation and evaluation, and the prosecution and defence of construction lien, construction defect and construction insurance claims. Each retainer or project is customized to our client. Each retainer or project is planned as to its scope, length, depth, reach, and cost, all with a focus on the client`s desired outcome; every project is unique. We work with the clients upfront to understand possible outcomes and their consequences so that we can all agree and can focus throughout the project on the desired outcomes.

On large matters, third party service providers are subcontracted to manage large and document intensive claims on a highly cost effective basis. Andrew is also a pioneer in alternative dispute resolution for construction claims, pursuing his LL.M. in ADR over 20 years ago to develop skills in providing tailored and well thought out alternative dispute resolution services – such as mediation and arbitration – to help ensure the solution to the problem fits the client’s needs and expectations. Andrew produced an ADR training DVD over 15 years ago sponsored by two Construction Industry Associations – CEO and OAA, and we regularly provide seminars and webinars to architects and engineers.

We provide niche legal services tailored to the Building and Construction Industry:

  • The timely and cost effective litigation of construction claims
  • Strategic advice and legal advice on construction contracts
  • Emergency response advice for on the job issues management including managing insurance issues, Occupational Health and Safety claims, and managing strategic advice for construction projects in trouble
  • The full suite of dispute resolution tools: negotiation, mediation, and arbitration advice
  • The defence and prosecution of construction and municipal litigation, including OMB hearings
  • Contract drafting services, including procurement contracts, design/ build contracts, EPC contracts, joint venture contracts and professional services contracts
  • Easement agreements and other land development agreements